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Welcome to my home page!


I am holding an associate professor (maître de conférences) position at Université Évry Val d'Essonne. I do my research in the IBISC Lab.

During the school year 2016–2017, I did a postdoc with Nicolas GLADE on biomechanical modelling of the cytoskeleton, with additional focus on unconventional computing, theoretical biology, and epistemology.

I defended my thesis entitled “On the Power and Universality of Biologically-inspired Models of Computation” on June 23, 2015 (presentation slides). My thesis was supervised by Sergey Verlan.

I can be reached at sergiu dot ivanov (at)

This is my CV.


The research topics I have already worked on can be described by the following keywords.

unconventional computing   formal languages   universality   computational completeness   spring-mass modelling
software for biomodelling   insertion-deletion systems   multiset rewriting   membrane (P) systems   biomodelling
networks of evolutionary processors   register machines   Petri nets   reaction systems

The research domains on which I would like to work in the nearest future can be described by the following keywords.

complex systems   category theory   functional programming   theoretical biology   type theory


The list of my publications is available here.


My main programming languages are C++ and Haskell. I am pretty knowledgeable about Python and Java. I participated in two editions of Google Summer of Code. Here is my GitHub profile.



Here is a short list of some of my own seminar subjects I liked most, with slides. These materials are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Alone licence

  • Theory of Computer Science: Why All That Formal Stuff? [slides]
  • Universality and Computational Completeness of Controlled Leftist Insertion-Deletion Systems [slides]
  • Object-oriented Programming for Biomodelling [slides]

Full contact information

Sergiu Ivanov
Room: 319
IBISC - IBGBI – 3rd floor
23, boulevard de France
91034 Évry, France

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